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Animal Extinction Rate Has Reached a Crucial Level Since 1970


Animal Extinction rate has reached to a crucial level. In a recent report by the World Wildlife Fund Living Planet, 60% decreased has occurred in the animal population. Subsequently, the existing vertebrates between 1970 to 2014 have now extinct.

Moreover, report claims that in Tropes extreme extinction is occurring. As in South and Central America, 89% of the animal population has decreased. Along with 83% decrease in marine life. Thus, the reasons for this are over-fishing, water pollution, climate change and increase in number of human population.

The Living Planet publishes its report after every two years. It exposes the prevailing dangers to the wild life. According to it, only a quarter part of earth is untouched by the humans. Hence, it hints towards the rising need for food production and natural resources.

The map by WWF declares America and Canada as the largest consumers of the Natural Resources. As stated in the report, “Earth is losing biodiversity at a rate seen only during mass extinctions.”

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It notifies how human needs are destroying habitats for marine and wild life. The director general of WWF takes the facts of report seriously. He says that through the information we have come to know the effects of human consumption of natural resources on animals. And hence we can reverse the consequences.

“We can be the founders of a global movement that changed our relationship with the planet, that saw us secure a future for all life on Earth, including our own or we can be the generation that had its chance and failed to act; that let Earth slip away.” says Lambertini in the report’s forward.


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