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Beauties You Should Follow for Great Inspiration

Beauties or Beauty Icons hold great significance in influencing people’s lives. They have a story of themselves and their journey to success is quite inspirational. Many women have taken strengths from them and are killing the odds.

The Beauties – The Inspirations

Before beginning, I would like to share a quote:

She will rise with a spine of steel and a roar like thunder, she will rise

Women have always been made to think that they are not capable of doing something big. However, the truth is they can. The world has seen that too now!

Lady Diana¬†the woman of royalty, courage and love. She is the people’s persons. Everybody loved her for the kind, loving and caring nature. She has done charity across the globe and thus wanted to bring prosperity to humankind.

Angelina Jolie is a name that has changed many lives. Not just lives, she has brought revolutions in societal norms. People look up to her for her bold steps and strength. She has adopted kids irrespective of their caste, creed and race. Later on, her husband joined her in this act of kindness but initially, she started off as a single mother.

Beyoncé is a woman that has never given upon on her dreams. She is a businesswoman and entrepreneur. Successful in every sphere of life, this inspirational woman is an example of courage, willpower and intelligence.

Lady Gaga her name is enough. She holds great importance in the industry. Her out of the box looks and the level of creativity is admirable. She is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Her charity work focuses on the empowerment of the youth.

Oprah Winfrey has inspired us all. With courage and braveness, she has overcome the painful experiences of life. Sexually abused at the age of 9, Winfrey has fought the patriarchy and achieved the status of an influencer. Marvellous career and strong personality both the characteristics are the results of her strong will power.

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Must Have Beauty Kits & Eyeshadow Palettes

Beauty Kits and Eyeshadow Palettes sometimes gives us hard time during selection. People often get confused about what to pick and what not. Here is a complete guide for you.

Beauty Kits & Eyeshadow Palette – Necessary Element

Alright girls, let’s get back to work! Corona Virus cases have subsided yet not eliminated completely but life is coming back to normal. Offices have been opened and schools too. The past six months have exhausted us and it is time to welcome the new phase with new energy and looks.

Makeup is a form of art. Just like music and literature, it gives a spark to your soul. For me, it is a source of enjoying the beauty of one’s own self. It also becomes therapy for some, as looking pretty boosts up the confidence. The makeup industry has grown so big and the native and international brands have confused the buyers. I have done thorough research and selected few of the must-have makeup palettes.

The Nude Collection- Beauty Kits

Beginning with the high-end products, the first and foremost palette is by the Huda Beauty. The Nude Obsession eyeshadow palette is a) pocket-friendly, b) quality wise its bomb! c) the diversity of colours is amazing.

The Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills is a perfect nude palette. Also, it comes with a two-sided blending brush. The professional women, in my opinion, opt for Nude palettes as the shades give definition to the crease and the subtle makeup enhances the beauty of the eyes.

Mac’s Art Library Palette in Flame-Boyant has the most pretty warmer tone shades that blend perfectly. The palette has a combination of both matt and shimmer shades.

My personal favourite, Naked Honey Palette by Urban Decay, has a precise range of nude colours. This too comes with a blending brush, having bristles on both sides.

Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe is a must-have for everyone. This is the most versatile palette ever. The 35 pans consist of mattes, foils, shimmers, satin and glitter finished shades.

Besides high-end, the drug store palettes are phenomenal and budget-friendly too. Makeup Revolution has launched a huge range of eyeshadow palettes and they all are exceptional. Reloaded Palette Velvet Rose by MR is a blend of creamy foils and shimmer and matte shades. The creamy pigments feel like melting on the lid and do wonders.

Among the drugstore makeup brands, Sleek has my preference. The I-Divine Palette – A New Day palette is easy to carry and have highly pigmented eyeshadow pans. The colours are so smooth in blending and are suitable for every skin tone. A must-have, worth buying palette.

The Funky Chunky Eyeshadow Palettes

Urban Decay Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette is an all in one palette. The combination of both neutral and bold shades allows the individual to either create a creative look and stay soft. Shimmers have a metallic feel to it while the creamy mattes are easy to play with.

Sleek’s Chasing the Sun I-Divine Palette¬†is super pigmented and provides a range of shades that can be used as a transition as well as crease shades.

e.l.f. Retro Paradise Eyeshadow Palette is 10 on 10 for quality and diversity. It is a perfect package for creating bright and day-to-day looks. Due to the diversity of 18 colours, this palette is popular among the makeup geeks.

Morphe has all sorts of palettes, but James Charles is a value pack with every tone, light or dark. The yellow in it man, I dig that shade. You can create any type of look with just this one palette in hand.

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Social Media is Changing the Face of the Beauty Industry

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Photo: Shutterstock

Social Media is a new sensation and has taken marketing to a whole new level. Not just Beauty, in fact, every industry is competing through Social Media. They are constantly struggling to keep people engaged and looking for new ways to increase sales.

Social Media & Beauty Industry

To reach the audience/consumers, the beauty industry has to strive hard and be innovate in their ideas. In this world of competition if someone has to succeed then raise the bar so high that others struggle to reach their level.

The beauty tips and tricks are nowadays accessible to everybody. There had been a time when only going to salons and parlours were the only choices for getting hair done or makeup. Whereas contemporary modern times have revolutionized people and the beauty bloggers are the groomers of the new era. The online tutorials and demos have enabled the viewers to groom themselves at home and thus every other person is well aware of the beauty industry.

Online Selling

The ways of doing business have taken a turn. And pandemics like Covid-19 have emphasised the need of taking the trade from ground level to the internet. The companies have designed their websites and are promoting the campaigns through Social Media. This has provided a great opportunity as international buyers can be catered through online business. Due to this, not only among the local buyers but globally the brands are getting recognition.

Social Media Marketing

The brands target buyers by introducing an innovative campaign. Then run ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. Famous celebrities are taken as models. The way they flaunt beauty products creates an urge among the viewers to buy that product and become beautiful.

The world is becoming digital and in this fastly growing technological life, we must keep ourselves up to date. Hence, the Beauty Industry has now adapted new ways. And therefore, it is reachable to many people. For more information regarding everyday makeup palettes click on the link:

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