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Depression and its Causes

Depression is a growing reality and has adverse outcomes!

We live in a world where certain realities are considered as Taboos. Depression is one of them and it is pretty evident that it has damaging effects on the personality and on the lives of people. We all have, once in our lives, experienced depression. For some it is subtle yet for some, it is life-wrenching.

What is Depression?

In medical science, it is termed as mental illness. This disease has negative effects on the health, emotions, and mental growth of a person. Depression takes the individual into the realm of darkness. The person thus loses interest in life and in things he once loved to do. A happy person loves every bit of life. He even enjoys the slightest changes in the weather. On the contrary, a depressed person does not appreciate the pleasant circumstances around him.


The most common symptoms of depression are insomnia, loss of appetite, lethargy, fatigue, weaken intelligence, and the occurrence of suicidal thoughts. The prolonged appearance of any of the symptoms must be taken seriously and the person suffering from depression must seek help.

What causes Depression?

Human beings are social animals and the homo sapiens are in the constant urge of getting affection and attention. We all, intentionally or unintentionally associate expectations with people. When someone dear to our heart, breaks the bubble of trust we tend to fall in the pit of darkness. The person thus isolates oneself from social activities and becomes prey to pessimism.

Subsequently, other reasons include failure, death of a close one, inferiority complex, health issues, disability, low self-esteem, and many more.

Our Responsibility

In recent times, lots of suicide incidents have been reported and most of them have a history of depression. The best way to deal with it is counseling. A one on one conversation. Also, this electronic life has deprived us of the gift of communication. This lack has led us into the pits of darkness. Therefore, the more we keep our thoughts inside, the more they haunt us.

Hence, this emotionally linked illness is curable with love, affection, and attention.

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Hunger Issues – Two and Two make Four

World Food Day is celebrated around the world on October 16. We celebrate a day either when we observe bigger human achievements, solving a problem or innovations, or to bring together world leaders and population to fortify that issue to solve it cumulatively. The idea behind celebrating this day is to bring-forth world leaders and residents to resolve this grave hunger problem and to make the world a hunger free globe.

Is Hunger a Grave Issue?

As hunger in this world is evident, being faced by developed, developing, least developed and third world countries, all are facing acute hunger issue in so many ways that they cannot be ignored. 1 in 10 persons dies from hunger illness, or by consuming substandard food. It means that 420,000 people die every year. This alarming cue should not be ignored by the world leaders and organizations at any cost. The most common foodborne diseases are stomachache, vomiting, diarrhoea etc. On the contrary, unavailability of food creates many social issues too, such as crime. Day by day, crime rates are increasing because people could not make both ends meet and then they commit a crime like robbery, to manage their need for food.

Have a look at the Marxist analysis of The Hunger Games (2012)

What is the Solution then?

According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization, if all the countries work together to mitigate hunger, they can completely end this issue by 2035. For this determination, the whole decade from 2016-2025, has been dedicated to removing hunger around the world. In consonance with the food security issues, the world leaders should follow the suit given by FAO and work under one shadow. Many NGO’s in Pakistan and many other regions are working to control the hunger issues, so people should give charity and donations to the NGO’s and other working organizations to help them in this mission. Or people themselves should go and observe the situations in their surroundings and help the affected ones, by giving them food to eat and a little extra money. Approximately, 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted globally. If we do proper planning to provide it to the people who need it the most, we can create “A Hunger Free World”.

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# Thanks Planned Parenthood Trending on Twitter-Why?

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization working for the betterment of women’s health since 1916. Their aim is to provide reproductive health care to the women of the United States and then expanded their services around the globe. Initially, Margaret Sanger was the one to open childbirth control clinic in Brooklyn, New York in 1916. She has also founded the American Birth Control League in 1921 which is currently known as Planned Parenthood.

Health Services by Planned Parenthood

This tax-exempt corporation provides reproductive health services to both men and women like abortion, birth control, Long-acting reversible contraception, emergency contraception, clinical breast examination, pregnancy tests, counselling for pregnancy options, prenatal care, tests and treatments for sexually transmitted diseases (HIV and STDs), sex education, vasectomies, LGBT and screenings for cancers such as cervical, breasts, testes and prostate.

What Ignited the Trend

The hashtag ThanksPlannedParenthood begins to trend on Tuesday due to the remarks of Senator Ted Cruz. He as some believe has mistakenly referred to birth control as “abortion inducing drugs.” Since then, a twitter user “@bigskybabs” asked the people to talk about the services they have taken from Planned Parenthood other abortion. A huge amount of responsive retweets swarmed up Twitter and used the #ThanksPlannedParenthood thus making it the top trend.


Patricia Arquette, the Oscar-winning actresses writes while sharing her experience with Planned Parenthood.                                                                                                                                  

Musician Kimya Dawson also shares her experience with the organization and writes, “I chose to have a baby and they made sure I had the resources I needed to do that successfully,” she said. “And I appreciate that if I had chosen to have an abortion I could’ve gone to them for that too.”

Another tweet by Stephanie Wittels Wachs, the co-founder of the Lemonada podcast network highlights the wide-ranging aspects of the organization. She opens up about her 2 D&Cs and how crucial they are for a woman. She ends her tweet with words, “Every woman’s journey is different. Choice is critical.”

Politics & Health

Cruz’s comment has ignited a political reaction from the people as the term “birth” is trending under the category of “Politics” on Twitter. Well, the good news is that the Supreme Court has rejected the request by South Carolina. The request pleads to abolish funding to Planned Parenthood and remove all the abortion clinics from the Medicaid program of the state.

Impact of Planned Parenthood

According to a study in 2020, termination of clinics under Planned Parenthood caused an increase in maternal mortality rate by 6%–15% across racial/ethnic groups. The organization has a positive impact, especially on women’s lives. Other than abortion and birth control, their services have saved many lives and are still doing it. The Twitter trend is evidence of the constructive contributions of the health care centre. Will this trend be able to bring a change in the orthodox mentality of few people? When will we learn to accept women’s health and choices as significant as men’s?

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