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Why Fortnite Battle Royale is the gaming trend of the year


Why Everyone Is Talking about Epic’s 100 Free Game

When video game historians sit down and write down the 2018 authoritative chronicle, a title will definitely have a major impact: Fortnite Battle Royale.

In a fast-paced industry, games and even types became more prominent, and then disappeared within a few months, and Fortnite broke records in the first three minutes of 2018 and broke the broader non-game pop culture awareness. This is a feat, only a few games – Minecraft is the last game to complete.

In February of this year, Fortune developer Epic Games announced that it had an amazing 3.4 million players playing games at the same time, and a wider group of players (players who have played at least one Fortnite Battle Royale) reportedly returned to 45 million players in January. It’s a few months now, during which time the game is already available on iOS and Android devices, so this number may now be much higher.

For those who have no experience, Fortnite Battle Royale is a battle royale game. This relatively new type, inspired by books and movies such as the Hunger Games and the Japanese Fanatics, saw a large number of players falling into a fixed area, usually without any equipment.

The goal is simple: be the last player (or team). Players must find armor, weapons and other equipment, battle and survival while the playable area of the map is zooming out to force them to connect more closely with the rest of the players.

There are other battle games, the most famous game is the battlefield unknown to the player (commonly known as PUBG), but Fortnite has recognized its main location for many reasons.

Benefits Of Spend Money

First, it’s free games (PUBG costs £26.99 on Steam and £24.99 on Xbox One), and those who choose to spend money on in-game items will only benefit from beauty without gaining any in-game advantages. It can also be used on more platforms than the competition: the aforementioned Android and iOS devices, as well as PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

More subjectively, Fortnite’s cartoon graphics, smaller maps, and faster game loops make it a more accessible experience than PUBG, which lasts only a few minutes (you can then enter new in a minute or two) The round), no blood or bloody to delay the squeaky.

Game Loop

Choose a landing point, bail from a battle bus, skydiving, start robbery, move to the safe area, fight with enemies – immediately satisfying, which gives Fortnite a compelling “just a game” addiction.

He quirky art style also puts Epic into a strange weapon, bounces the player’s tires in the air and the famous fast-paced construction mechanism in the game (skilled players can knock down a hard-to-penetrate fortress in seconds) without Will damage aesthetics.

PUBG is more realistic, and the “serious” way of fighting limits the scope of its developers, and Epic is free to add a variety of madness to Fortnite.

Add it

Frequently updated, Epic continually improves the Fortnite experience, whether by improving performance, changing maps, adjusting weapons or introducing new items. The result is that although a game is simple, it is constantly evolving and improving.

Finally, one thing that cannot be ignored is the shareability of Fortnite, thanks to its fast-paced action, crazy clutch wins, and general chaos. Even if they don’t play, people like to watch other people play.

In March, Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins broke the platform’s non-e-sports record by attracting more than 600,000 viewers (in fact, he is helping with rap superstar Drake), and hosted 100 top star confrontations. The game attracted more than a million viewers on YouTube.


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