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Jews died in US attack Yesterday | More than 10 people died


Attack on Jews

“The Deadliest Attack on Jews in the History of America”
Says Gary Zola, a Cincinnati professor and director of the American Jewish Archives.

The attack on Pittsburgh synagogue happened on Saturday morning at around 10. The Jews have been targeted while they were indulge in worshiping. The suspect, Robert Bowers (Synagogue shooting suspect targeted Jews online ) a 46 years old man is said to be involved in the mass shooting that resulted in the deaths of 11 Jews. The attack is expected to be a hatred action against the Jews (says FBI) as the suspect is heard saying “All Jews must die” before savagely shooting the people during a religious gathering. Six people have been injured in which four are police officers. While this attack has been declared as the most deadliest attack in the history of America.

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People are paying their condolences by lighting up the candles 🙁

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