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Kanye West Said Trump’s hat makes me feel like Superman


Kanye West is an American singer said that wearing the hat of trump makes me feel so powerful like a superman.


An invitation had been sent to Kanye West for attending lunch in White House with Trump to discuss the penal improvement and some other issues or problems.

Last 10 minutes of the speech has remained So Mr. Trump rejected the agreement and say that was enough.

Kanye West replied, “It was from my heart my soul, I just channeled it.”

Kanywalksk through behind the chair and to hug with a smile the seated president of America and president said: “That’s really nice.”


                       Trump hat and Hillary Clinton


During his speech, from prison improvement to industrial, politics and the world, the Kanye West said: “They tried to scare me, my Lovely friends don’t wear this powerful hat, but this hat, it gave me energy. “You know, my father and mother are separated, so there is not a lot of male power in my family.” He went on to say: “I love Hillary, I love everyone, right here.

But this campaign, I was with her, did not make me feel that I have never seen my father, like a guy who can play with his son. ” In his speech to Mr. Trump, he added: “When I put on this hat, there are things that make me feel like Powerful Superman.

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