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What would be Trump’s Position after the Midterm elections 2018 ? | harassment allegation


US Midterm & Senate Election 2018

The Midterm elections are considered as game changing because in past it has been observed that the ruling party often loses its majority.

The presidential party which fails to deliver, loses its vote bank too. If we look back at history, out of 21 Mid-term Elections since 1934. Only three times the president’s party was able to make progress in winning more seats in the House of Representative and in Senate five times.

In the survey of ‘approval rating’ the percentage of Trumps’ party regarding to do well in the coming Elections came out to be just 40%. The ex-president Obama gained a percentage of 45 in 2010 Midterm Elections.

US Midterm Election 2018 overview


For Trump’s presidency, it is very important that the Republicans should gain majority after the Mid-term Elections. If the Democrats succeed in maintaining their position as majority then they will not let Trump exercise his policies anymore.

And if Democrats do regain control, they would definitely try to eliminate Republicans agenda regarding the Capitol Hill.

Moreover they will try to gain power over Congressional Committee as well. So that they begin an investigation against Trump’s policies, his business dealings and the accusations of sexual harassment he has been charged of.

Is Trump’s Party in Trouble?
Republicans are most likely to lose their majority in the HOR as all of the 435 seats are up for Elections.

Many of their members are retiring which seems to be a bad omen for the Party.

Due to this, the chances of winning for the Democrats increase. And they have to secure 24 seats to have power over HOR.

There are multiple reasons behind the retirement of the members; Some are retiring because of the sexual harassment accusations on them.

Some to pursue other electoral offices. While some say that they are retiring because it feels like all they are doing is answering the questions regarding Trump and not about governmental policies.

But the president Trump’s party appears to be lucky as far as the Elections of Senate are concerned. Only 35 seats out of 100 are up for the Elections.

The Democrats hold control over 26 seats so they have a tough target to achieve. They need to win again their 26 seats and also 2 of the Republicans’, in order to get majority.

Trump has been enjoying his power because his party is in majority in both the houses. If Democrats win power in one or even in both houses, they would be able to limit Trump’s power.

senate election 2018

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