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Why Nikki Haley Resigning as Trump’s Ambassador to the U.N ? | Nikki R. Haley


Nikki R. Haley is not happy with Trump

An aggressive and honorable Trump ambassador of United Nations, Name Nikki Haley said on Tuesday that she will give resign from their post at the end of this year.

Lady Haley is an earlier democrat of South Carolina and was an early and normal criticizer of the president of united nations but Mr. Trump named her a United Nation worker after the election within a few days. Lady Haley the Trump ambassador is a brave, outstanding and strong woman. A foreigner ambassador who wants from government to be directed known for her unplanned and unreliable policy attitude. The first national security dysfunction in the president Become a star team.


Lady Haley said that She will available at every day as a body armor in their life to defend their nation. This honorable lady tells reporters that she will never take the step back for their country issues or problems, and say I think that time has come.

All staff members of the white house suddenly trapped by the announcement, which Lady Haley and president of UN had kept closely under wraps. Trumps said that Lady Haley had informed in the past six months, that she wants a break with their management to take some rest.


Trump said that he hoped Lady Haley would return in a different role and also tell us the name of their Successor.


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