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US Mid-term Elections 2018

Senate & House of Representative Elections 

The Mid-term Elections in USA are going to happen on the 6th of November, this year. There are two major political parties, The Republican Party and The Democratic Party, who will be battling against each other for the 500 seats of the House of Representative and the US-Senate. 1200 candidates, in total from both the parties, will strive for securing the maximum seats for their respected parties.

The Mid-term Elections comprises of a combination of elections which include US Congress, Governorships and elections for independent candidates. This type of Elections take place every two years.

The Game of Seats

For Senate Elections, 35 seats out of 100 will be contested in the regular elections of 2018. While 2 seats will be contested in special elections. In the elections for The House of the Representatives there are 435 Seats with 36 state governors.
The Republican Party has secured 51 seats; comprising of 6 female members and 45 male members in general elections while the Democratic Party has 47; 17 women and 30 men.

The Democratic Party needs to secure 4 more seats in order to get majority. And 2 male candidates for the independent seats are taking part in elections.
The numbers of the seats up for elections from both the parties vary greatly as the Republican has already got the majority and it is actually the Democratic Party who has to make extra efforts in order to gain the majority.

The Statistics are: Republican- 6 seats up for elections.
Democratic-26 seats
The Republican, already being in majority, can afford to lose one seat but the Democratic has to work hard as in a survey by FiveThirtyEight, they have been declared as ‘unfavorable’ on the map of elections statistics. They are said to be the most disliked party in the history of US elections.

Democratic Party is defending Donald Trumps’ triumphed 10 seats during the 2016 Presidential Elections while Republicans are defending the one seat won by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Number of Female Candidates

The Democrats have put forward their 1500 members as candidates for the Elections of House of Representatives in which 350 are female candidates. It is up till now the highest number of candidates overall and highest number of women nominees participating in the polling. Some of the journalists are of the view that this year women are going to turn tables against Trump. And due to this increase in number some intellectuals are predicting that this year is going to be “The Year of Women” referring to the revolutionary doubled number of female members in Congress, 1992.

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