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What is the Story behind 11.11 AliExpress Sale?


11.11 is actually the date ’11th of November’. On this day many Selling companies offer sale on many products. As the four similar digits comes in a row, this date holds great significance in marketing world. Just like sales on specific days e.g Black Friday, Christmas, Mother’s Day are offered every year, the 11.11 is a Global Shopping Festival celebrated annually. Alibab and AliExpress Sale is one of the best Sales of this festival.
The date has a very interesting story behind it. 11.11 is a holiday though not official, in China. On this day all of the Single Chinese youngsters and Bachelors celebrate their freedom as being singles. The number ‘1’ signifies singularity and thus the day is called, Single’s Day. Initially this day had been celebrated in order to bring fun in the monotonous life of single-hood. But now, in contemporary times, 11.11 is a day to do shopping.

Hence, this day has become the largest online and offline shopping event. 11.11 AliExpress Sale is not confide to China only but it is a worldwide Sale Day. The Companies target costumers of this sale are youngsters. Restaurants, parlours and online stores promote themselves through 11.11 Sale. AliExpress and Alibaba have been scoring largest profits through this 11.11 Sale every year. Other online stores like Taobao, Tmall, JD.com and Lazada also sell a large amount of products during the Sale week.

AliExpress, the biggest Online Store, offers an enormous kind of 11.11 Sale this year as well. Sale products are on up to 50% discount and more. AliExpress Sale is a great opportunity for those who want to buy quality products in amazing reasonable prices.

Enjoy Shopping!


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