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What is Halloween? Why people celebrate Halloween ? | Halloween 2018


Halloween is an annual holiday which is celebrated on the 31st of October. It has been celebrated as a religious festival for many centuries. Said about Halloween that all the souls of saints that have gone, martyrs and faithful people visit earth on this day.

The origin of the festival lies with the Celtic festival of Samhain, which has its roots in pagan tradition. According to some folklore, the history of Halloween is traced back to Ireland and it is believed that the festival was practiced even before Christianity arrived. People light bonfires and wear costumes in order to ward off ghosts and bad spirits.

People perform different rituals on this day. Children play ‘Trick or Treat’ in which they wear different costumes and go to houses asking questions, trick or treat? Foods like soul cake, apple, potato pancakes are famous during Halloween.

Important Colors For Halloween Festival

Colors like purple, red, black and orange are the most common ones during the Halloween month. The elements of season autumn like pumpkins, scarecrow, and corn husks are common during the Halloween as people decorate their homes with these symbols. All of these contribute to creating the themes of horror, evil, death and mythical monsters.

Halloween costumes play a significant part in the celebrations of the festival. People dress after the supernatural creatures like vampires, monsters, ghosts, devils, witches, skeletons, gothic characters etc. Now people believe that Halloween is incomplete, without the guise behind the costumes. So the demand has increased.

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